Easy-to-carry package provides better convenience and storage

The VaPro Pocket intermittent catheter is hygienic and comes in a small-size package to compliment your daily routine.

Pocket Size
Full-length catheter fits easily into a pocket or backpack - package is only 14 x 10.5cm

Choose VaPro Pocket touch free intermittent catheter for the right balance of simplicity and protection, and be in control of your catheterisation.

Now, the right balance of ease of use and protection is a little less obvious.

Try for Yourself

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At Hollister we realise everyone has different lifestyles and needs. Work, travel, sports and socialising with friends are all important to maintaining independence. That's why the VaPro family of hydrophilic intermittent catheters now includes three different options so you can are able to mix and match products to suit your individual requirements. Call our Customer Service Team on Freephone 0800 521 377 to find out more about the full VaPro range.